Viaking :: A New Sexual Revolution in the Works

Professor Bernard

VIAKING, an incredible treatment that has intensely

boosted virility in Scandinavian men.



A new sexual revolution in the works!
Even stronger, even more intense, even more
powerful... even more pleasurable!

100% Risk-Free!

Fribourg, Switzerland, November 3rd, 2010

Dear Men:

How is your sex life? Excuse me for asking such a straight forward question, but when it comes to sex, it is better to get straight to the point and not beat around the bush. So, yes, you have read correctly: how’s your sex life?? Of course, if you are part of a tiny minority of men that think questions concerning sexuality are not important, you may feel like you do not have to read this piece of mail. On the other hand, if this subject is vital to you, I invite you to continue reading this letter, because believe me, your intimate life may be at the point of a profound improvement!

DO YOU LOVE SEX? Do you crave the sensations of a more thrilling relationship? Think about it: you are in bed with your partner, both of you are yearning to make love and suddenly your penis inflates with pleasure. Your erection is harder than ever. Put your partner in all these situations: she would literally be “crazy” for your throbbing penis.

So, if you too, would also like to make this fantasy a reality, you must know that today, a solution has been found that allows…

...any man to watch and feel his penis increase in size and pleasure before his eyes and especially get very very “studly” erections.

Now, you could probably benefit from asking a few questions. Get them out now and give it a shot, ask as many as you can, and try to answer the following questions.

  When was the last time you had sex?
  Did you have a normal erection the last time you had sex?
  Was your penis sufficiently hard upon penetration?
  Did you ejaculate? Did you feel pleasure?
  How long did your last sexual encounter last?
  Are you sure you satisfied your partner?
  Have you ever had the desire to have a bigger or stiffer penis?

One more time: If you feel that these questions are too taboo, please feel free to stop reading this mail at any time. If not, I think you could benefit from a moment to take a step back and look at your sexual life…and discover at the same time a piece of good news that I am about to announce. Without further delay, I will announce that this piece of good in the palm of your hand can revolutionize your sex life. Are you ready to renew your sexual desire? Pleasure? Sensuality?

Try out our new cool little pill "New Generation"...
VIAKING will allow you to re-boost your erections!

If you secretly dream of having a BIGGER, HARDER, LONGER LASTING erection and a more SATISFIED partner, VIAKING will surprise you by its efficacy which has already been proven by thousands of men in the Scandinavian countries. It has been known for some time now that this powerful erection revitalizer has had outstanding success in Sweden, Norway and Finland. It goes without saying why VIAKING has received the nickname “The little blue pill from the North”…this little “New Generation” pill has no undesirable secondary effects and above all it is not formulated from any type of chemical substance – it is 100% natural! . Years of development by Scandinavian researchers has rendered immense success. And tens of thousands of men have already used VIAKING with complete satisfaction. Such satisfaction that this little miracle has become a true social phenomenon!

100% Risk-Free!

An incredibly concentrated combination of no less than four natural extracts universally renown for their aphrodisiac effects, VIAKING and its extensively laboratory tested formula contains a powerful erectile effect that would surprise anyone! Eleutherococcus (nicknamed “Siberian Ginseng” by certain nomadic people of Russia) along with cola nut (cola grain, extremely rich in caffeine, forms part of the stimulant category) terminalia chebula (a regularly used tonic in traditional Tibetan medicine) and asparagus root (with undeniable erectile virtues!) allows each one to separately fill the penile blood vessels of any man until he is “rock hard” … So imagine when these four natural treasures are put together! This is precisely the amazing feat that the Scandinavian researchers achieved.

But allow me to go back to the testimonies that we have gathered. They are unanimous! It is a fact that everyone who has tried VIAKING has rapidly seen their penis inflate and grow several centimeters from the first doses. That’s why it is enough just to take a single pill 30 minutes before having sex… Would you too like to see your penis as you have never seen it before? I don’t doubt it. And even though the size of your penis is not everything, you will also have other amazing results thanks to VIAKING:

  Have intense desire to make love with your partner
  Perfectly poised erections, capable of satisfying any woman
  A penis that instantly reacts to the slightest touch or erotic thought
  Endurance and performance that is without any let down during sex
  Intense ejaculations accompanied by strong orgasms and the ability to              get it up again and again.
  The ability to make love again and again

In short, you will transform yourself it to a veritable sex god and you will be able to make love again and again, with the same magnified pleasure. Beyond that, it has been said in passing that numerous woman have secretly ordered VIAKING for their partners. Between us, these “gourmet” sex pleasures must be made sacred!!

100% Risk-Free!

But just before I let you go, I would like to point out one more important detail: When ordering VIAKING, your home delivery will be completely discrete. This will allow you to avoid going to the pharmacy or doctor’s office and place a traditional order. Thus, your secret will remain a secret and you won’t have to touch on a subject which should remain private. Moreover, VIAKING, a 100% natural product, has another crucial detail: it is much easier on your wallet than traditional prescription virility medications! To wrap it up, you can be completely assured by our exclusive “Satisfaction or your money back” guarantee, which proves that we are completely sure of our product’s results… but if by some bad stroke of luck, you are not completely convinced by our treatment, you can return the product, even if used, and we will reimburse your money with no questions asked.

I hope you will take advantage of the information you have just taken the time to read and ask yourself a few important questions about your sex life. And most of all, I hope I have not offended you in anyway by taking so openly about this subject. But let’s be honest with ourselves…sexuality is a such a essential subject in our lives in order to pass it by.


Professor Bernard


100% Risk-Free!