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Appearance and status are very important when it comes to attracting women! 

Dear Sir

If you want to achieve a massive increase in the size of your penis and improve the quality of your erections in just a few short weeks, without any effort, this letter is without a doubt the most important you will ever receive.

We have already helped thousands of men to combat serious sexual dysfunction: size too small, difficulty in achieving or maintaining an erection, premature ejaculation, etc...

To help all these men, our research team has developed an astonishing formula called ViareX. Scientifically tested and approved, this formula works in 100% of cases. You are doubtful? Then let me explain how you too - after just a few days - can have the long, thick, powerful penis you have always dreamed of - the penis all women secretly dream about...

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No effort necessary to obtain spectacular results...

No doubt you believe that to obtain a definite result, some tortuous exercises are necessary, some long and tiresome training? Forget all that. The penis is not a muscle! The formula we are offering you today does not require any effort or any impose on any constraints. And for one minute, just think of the results:

For example, you will be able to undress in the locker room without the least complex. Other men will envy the large bulge in your underpants. But better still: imagine the look on your partner's face when you reveal yourself in prime "form".

When she sees how virile, powerful, long and hard you are, she will abandon herself to you completely - and refuse you nothing. The sensation of "power" and "strength" is truly extraordinary and your sexual relations will become spectacular.

You will have the great satisfaction of giving her the most intense sensations she has ever experienced - and believe me, she will not be able to resist you once she has tried you out "for size"!

You will be in total control!

ViareX will beef up your staying power. You will be as hard as a rock! You will never again worry whether you can "go the distance" because your erection will remain firm and infallible for many, many, long minutes. So, that's an end to premature ejaculation!

But how does ViareX work?

It is very simple. Your penis is constituted of two sections with small internal cavities (rather like a sponge). An erection occurs when you are excited and the blood rushes to fill the spongy tissues. ViareX is a cream, designed to increase the capacity of these tissues substantially. So the erectile tissues will contain far more blood than usual. This means you will have a much bigger penis and a much stiffer erection!

And ultimately? A much longer, thicker penis that is harder and with more staying power!

And I would again recall:

- Without Exercise
- Without A Pump
- Without Pills
- Without Surgery
- Without Any Stress...

With ViareX, it is easy to obtain results in just a few short weeks.

How Many Inches Can I Expect To Gain With ViareX?

Quite frankly, you can gain up to 3½ inches in length. This increase is so remarkable that some people have described it as "miraculous".

If you are prepared to experiment, we guarantee you also can achieve the same results!

Why Be Content With The Happy Medium?

Everyone dreams of being richer than average, having a better care than average and having a women that is more beautiful than the average women. In reality, who is happy with the "average"? The same applies to the size of your penis.

The average size of an erect penis is 5½ - 6 inches. If you are this size (or even less) and you are happy, then there is no point in reading on.

But if on the contrary, you have always dreamed of being the best, of having a good 1½, 2, or 3 extra inches - then we can do something for you. If you want to enjoy excellent sexual relations - both for yourself and your partner, you should try this experiment.

How Long Before I Can Expect Some Results?

Below, the most reasonable results you can expect:

From The First Week:
During this period, the most significant change will be an increase in the thickness of your penis. You will also experience longer and better quality erections.

After The Third Week:
You will observe a remarkable increase in the length of your penis. Even at rest, your penis will be longer and thicker than before. When you look in the mirror, you won't believe your eyes. And you will ask yourself: "Is that really still my penis"?

After The Fifth Week:
You will obtain an erection at the slightest touch. These erections will be firmer and more durable than you ever believed possible. You can then stop - because your penis may have increased by up to 3½ inches.



But if I really want to satisfy my partner,
what size should I be?

This is our customers' most frequently asked question. The answer is simple. If you have a penis of more than 7 inches, you can penetrate the most receptive sexual zones of your partner. Zones of which even she is probably unaware! Add to that the increase in thickness and you will be capable of giving her every sensation a woman is entitled to expect: total orgasm! Many women agree on the fact that what counts most is the "girth"!

You can make her achieve new peaks of pleasure. Imagine the benefits to your self-confidence and your powers of seduction. Surely you dream of being the perfect lover, sought out by women and envied by other men?

But that's not all. At the same time as you satisfy her with your huge penis, you yourself will feel much more greater pleasure. Why? Simply because the skin of the penis is an erogenous zone, covered in pleasure producing nerve receptors. If your penis is bigger, there are more receptors, so you will experience more intense sensations. It is as simple as that!

Will the increase in size be permanent?

This is the second most frequently asked question. The answer is "YES"! take ViareX until you achieve the size you feel is perfect for you, and then you can stop treatment permanently. Your penis will keep its new size forever!

All the same, you should be aware that beyond 10 inches a penis will be too large for most women. But if for one reason or another, you wish to go beyond this size, continue the treatment and you will succeed without effort, without risk. The choice is yours alone.


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You are still doubtful?
Well, try this risk-free experiment...

I know it is not east to believe what we are saying. However, thousands of men have taken the test and today they are all enjoying improved sex lives, with new and constantly repeated pleasure. So if you are still doubtful, the best way for you to be convinced is to try out the treatment.

You are running no risks because what I am offering you is:

You can try ViareX for thirty days. Throughout this entire period I will not consider your purchase as definitive. If at the end of these thirty days, you are not totally satisfied with your new virility. Simply inform us by letter and we will reimburse the cost of your order in full, right down to the last cent.

Frankly, do you think we would take such a risk if we were not 100% sure the formula would work just as well for you?

So do not hesitate. ORDER ONLINE today.

If you don't order today, in thirty days you will be a month older, and you still won't know whether the formula works for you. On the other hand, if you order right now, in just one short month, you will be enjoying your new sexual prowess - with all the virility you ever dreamed of.

So I am waiting for your news.


Sincere greetings,


Viarex Labs

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