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An erection cannot be achieved without sexual stimulation.

Thus, RD9’s first step is to revitalize your sex drive.

The problem with chemical based pills is they lack aphrodisiac like effects; however RD9 is 100% natural and its main active ingredients are quickly absorbed by your body. This is why RD9’s results are so fast.

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The artery, which fills your penis will allow more blood flow, thus swelling up the spongy tissue found in your penis. By filling the veins at the surface of your penis, they will become compressed, thus preventing the blood flow reflux.

This means you are going to RETAIN your maximum erection for a very long period of time.

All this, in precisely 9 minutes - the same amount of time it takes to get undressed and to start caressing your partner, and its ready: you will have a nice thick erection all set to offer. And believe me she will be ready to be served!


If the first step of RD9 is to revitalize your sex drive, the second allows you to achieve a phenomenal erection, and the third is without a doubt going to be your favorite: you will have the ability to have sex several times in continuation!

Not only will your first erection be hard and firm (you will be able to take all the time you wish, and make your partner have an amazing orgasm), but you will be ready to make love again and again EVEN AFTER EJACULATING! Yes, you have read correctly.

After having your first amazing orgasm ... and 9 minutes of patience (a quick break in-between) ... you will be stiff and ready to go with the slightest sexual stimulation - then let the cycle begin again and again ... up to 9 times in a row! Your partner will likely be begging you to stop making her orgasm so much.

Contrary to chemical based pills, RD9’s main active ingredients are made from plants and minerals and when combined, rapid effects are produced. Your penis will bulge and swell up while your sex drive will increase and increase.
You will feel your penis tighten as your veins pulsate to the surface. You will only be thinking about one thing, how to use this fabulous and orgasmic erection.

With no contra-indications, you can take RD9 anytime you wish to have a night of unforgettable sex with your partner.

Also, don't be surprised if you find yourself with a new reputation that deems you “great in bed”. You will always feel desire to make love, and even more you'll have the physical ability to make it happen each and every time. The desire, erection, firmness, and endurance! A true sex champion.

RD9 is not a cure like those you’ve probably tried before, instead it is a TRUE LIBIDO BOOSTER and sexual enhancement.

After receiving testimonies, RD9 is found to work with all men, without taking into account their age or physical health - from the first usage 65% of men received results, with a 10% increase after each additional use. After the fifth usage men with the most severe cases of impotency obtained results. A total of 95% of men who have tried it swear by the satisfaction of RD9.

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