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Stories of What People Like You Have to Say

At the BEVERLY HILLS RESEARCH CENTER, we stand behind every product we produce. The same meticulous care our scientists put into every pill and transdermal cream we create, is given to you by our customer care representatives. We present to you the following stories from our many happy customers - who call us everyday - describing the outstanding results they have realized and how Proalus has changed their sex lives and relationships - for the better! undependable erection.
I think it was the reason for my divorce.

I'm 35 years old and I've suffered for at least 10 years with an undependable erection. I think it was also the reason for my divorce. Since being single, I decided I have to do something about this problem. I tried other products and they just didn't work. I took a gamble and tried the Proalus Program. I was impressed by the fact that they have dedicated so much money and so many scientists to research and development. Much to my amazement and satisfaction, the Proalus System gave me a huge erection. Now the girls call me for the booty call.

-Michael Manson, Atlanta GA


"I rarely got a chance because my
under 6" erection was never enough to satisfy..."

I’m 25 and in the prime of my sex life. It is very discouraging to try to meet a new girl, knowing her impending disappointment, when we have our first sexual encounter. I rarely got a second chance, because my under 6” erection was never enough to satisfy. I was also so self-conscious that I wouldn’t even get totally erect. After taking Proalus for 6 weeks, I’ve been tipping the peter meter at 8”. I don’t know how and I don’t know why, all I can say is hurray!

-William Tixby, Seattle WA


"...My confidence has never been higher!"

I’m a former exotic dancer in Vegas, and as you can see by my picture, I’ve never had problems getting women. Handsome, well built, and a witty personality. But that’s where it all ends, because when I get them in the bedroom the disappointment begins. When my pants drop and my 5 1/2” erection is revealed, the look on their face says it all: “What do you think you’re going to do with that?” But when I started taking Proalus - man, you won’t believe the change! I gained 4 inches! I’m harder! Stronger! And I shoot like an Adult Film star! My confidence has never been higher and I now have no fear of taking any relationship to the sexual level! Proalus helped me and I guarantee it’ll help you too!

-Michael Manson, Atlanta GA


"...every man can use a few extra inches and a firmer,
longer lasting erection."

We just want to write this short note to tell everybody at the BEVERLY HILLS RESEARCH CENTER that we are so pleased with the results obtained by the Proalus Penile Growth and Enhancement SystemTM, that we will recommend it to all our friends, even if they think they don’t need it... every man can use a few extra inches and a firmer, longer lasting erection.

-William Tixby, Seattle WA


"Thank you all at the
for putting the zest back into our sex life.

After 30 years of marriage,
my new and improved erectionhas given us
a new lease on our love life!"

-Robert and Norma Cody, New York NY


"When my husband turned 65, our sexlife
suddenly took a turn for the worse."

We used to have sex at least 6 times per month. It then dropped to only 1 time. We didn’t know what to do until we discovered Proalus. Referred to us by a friend, we took a chance. Within weeks, his interest and performance increased dramatically. We now are like a couple of teenagers and our love for each other is back on track..

-Murray and Lois Feldman, Flagstaff AZ