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As we’ve already mentioned, the scientific minds behind the creation of the Proalus Growth and Performance Enhancement SystemTM believe there are 4 areas that must be improved upon to assure maximum penile growth and performance enhancement.

All other penile growth and enhancement products focus attention on just one aspect, leading to limited or failing results.

This 4 step program, is the first of it’s kind to furiously assault every aspect of penile growth and performance enhancement, to give you the ability to increase your penis size up to 100%, and have a longer-lasting, more powerful erection!

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Causes and Origins of Male Sexual Response

The male sexual response is very simple to understand and yet very complex in its physiology. It begins with sexual excitation, also known as libido. It then produces an erection. The erection, through stimulation, leads to a physiological ejaculation of semen and a neurological event, known as an orgasm. Motivational sensors, the eyes, ears, nose and skin, tune into the sights, sounds, smells and touch of a desirable sexual partner.

Man’s passion and lust is ignited by the male hormone, Testosterone. It then stimulates Dopamine release, the neurotransmitter, in the brain, responsible for the intensity of sexual response and pleasure. Signals are sent to the penis, gonads and prostate gland. These areas begin to swell, as blood volume and pressure increase. The amount of blood flow to the penis is dependent on the availability of Nitric Oxide, which is a potent vasodilator.

The flaccid penis then forms an erection, of various states of rigidity, through various forms of stimulation, until a state of ejaculate inevitably occurs, causing the prostate gland and testes to emit a physiological response of an ejaculation of semen and a neurological response known as an orgasm.

What Does Proalus Do?

Contrary to popular belief, the penis is not a bone, nor is it a muscle that can grow from working out. The penis is comprised of 3 chambers. Each chamber is filled with spongelike tissue, with millions of small blood vessels. This spongelike tissue fills with blood upon arousal, causing the penis to grow in both length and girth. The size and hardness of your erection, is dependent upon the amount of blood flow to the 3 chambers, just like a balloon needs air to expand.

The only way to realize the full potential of your penis is to take supplements and stimulants, specifically designed to increase blood flow to the penis. By increasing Nitric Oxide production, stimulating the release of Testosterone (the main sex hormone) and Dopamine (the main sexual transmitter), and improving the health of your prostate gland (for greater ejaculate volume and more intense orgasms), the full potential of your penis can be obtained.

In order to maintain this rock hard erection, this supplementation must be aided by powerful growth sustaining ingredients, creating a physiological response that essentially cuts off return blood flow from the erection.
This cannot be achieved unless the erection becomes rock hard. A semi-hard erection results in venous leakage, which causes the erection to deflate, much like a tire with a slow leak.

Step 1: An ancient herbal blend, enhanced by modern science, will increase your Testosterone and Dopamine levels bringing about a heightened more intense sex drive. Getting turned on is a physiological and neurological response to desirable stimuli. Testosterone, the main sex hormone, and Dopamine, the main neurotransmitter, create and transform desire into a powerful stimulating force that is the trigger for releasing the power of the male member. Without these two elements, sexual response is impossible.

Step 2: It is a fallacy to believe that size does not matter. When confronted by their partner, most women deny that size is a factor, but just as breast size is a turn on for most men, erection size is a turn on for most women. A thicker, longer, more powerful erection will also empower you with greater confidence, knowing you are driving her crazy! A larger, thicker erection will stimulate her G-Spot and give her a deeper, more fulfilling penetration, that will have her begging you not to stop!

Step 3: Without a doubt, no woman likes a flaccid or semi-hard erection - and neither do you. A harder, more powerful erection is not only visually stimulating for her, but it is the fulfilling feeling during penetration that drives her crazy and makes you feel like a superstar.

Step 4: It is a known medical fact that a more copious ejaculate increases and prolongs the wonderful feeling of orgasm. In many cases, you may even experience multiple and what is referred to as, extended climax.

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I'm Allan Kellerman, MD
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