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Under specific experimental conditions, taking TXP 500mg was a positive experience for the majority of volunteers due to its efficiency (improved erectile hardness, duration, size and stimulation plus the ability to attain a second erection while controlling one's ejaculation thus producing larger quantities of sperm.

Dr Matthew Williams

TXP (Twin Xplosive Power) was developed to fight the decline of vitality that affects quality erections. It combines two of the most powerful and exclusive aphrodisiac ingredients known to man. It naturally increases testosterone levels and engorges the blood vessels within the penis resulting in an extraordinary erection that adds inches of length and girth everytime. Your energy, stamina and post ejaculation recovery times increase so you can go again and again without rest.

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"Since taking the pills, my endurance has increased tremendously and I can perfectly control my ejaculations! My wife can’t believe it and she even struggles to keep up with my pace"

"With just one TXP 500mg pill, my erections are almost immediate and stick around long after we’ve finished in bed. It’s extraordinary! I don’t know what the secret is, but I can say that it truly works"