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Because it works... FAST! Power-Up utilizes 3 in 1 Supplement Technology to get you hot and horny, to give you erections hard-as-steel and to keep you going even after you orgasm... every time you use it... Why should you wait to get hot and hard... she won't...

Now you can be on top of your game... when she is!
  • "My boyfriend is 50 years old and he uses POWERUP regularly. My man is a supercharged sex animal!!"
    - C. Delongpre, Dallas, TX
  • "One of the things that most turns me on about a man is his self-confidence. POWERUP - nothing short of incredible!"
    - B. Reesing, Boulder, CO
  • "When my husband Wayne started taking POWERUP - I felt like I was married to the most powerful man in the world!"
    - S. Greenspan, New Orleans, LA

Power-Up is formulated to Act Better than Viagra, Levitra and Cialis!

Power-Up takes a different approach to improving your sexual performance. Instead of blasting you with harsh man made chemicals (from prescription drugs) designed to give you only temporary relief from your problem... Power-Up is derived from (all natural plant sources) that are designed to rehabilitate your hormonal system... that are directly responsible for your sexual response... so you can restore your natural sexual abilities safely and effectively... it works with your body to stop the causes of sexual failure due to the fact that you're getting older.

Also, Power-Up fights your lackluster performance by eliminating the anxiety and stress brought about by your fear of sexual failure... that results in your diminished sex drive and weak erection. This means you get hard and stay hard naturally, without putting your health at risk... and you'll be as horny as a jack rabbit too!

You want to pack the punch that only total erection hardness can deliver!
Forget about having to struggle to get hard or stay hard...
ever again... those days are over!
Power-Up's scientifically engineered formula offers an extremely high ratio of erection hardening magnesium, citrulline and arginine, in our trademarked Mac-3 complex... so great results can be expected. Nitric Oxide is the key to building rock-hard erections... when you get sexually excited... Nitric Oxide relaxes your blood vessels causing a rush of the all important erection producing blood into the spongy tissues of your penis... the thousands of micro-capillaries in your spongy tissue begin to swell with this infusion of blood directly resulting in the size, hardness and duration of your erection.

Many men suffer from the lack of this key chemical because it declines as men age, causing erectile problems and sexual dissatisfaction....

With Power-Up's Mac-3 complex activators...

blood starts flowing into your penis immediately, and the source of Nitric Oxide in your blood vessels is continuously activated so that more Nitric Oxide is released, more erectile tissue relaxes, more blood comes in and a sustained rock-hard erection is achieved!
Now getting a rock hard erection when you want has never been easier or more guaranteed… which means you'll never get nervous about having sex and pleasuring yourself and your partner ever again!
You want to ignite intense sexual energy!
Before you can get hard you have to get turned on...
The key to getting this hot is turning on your testosterone and doubling-up on your dopamine... these two potent sex-hormones are what power men to perform incredible sexual-feats... but that was in your younger years...
Unfortunately as men age these essential sexhormones drastically decline... resulting in diminished sexual interest compounded by difficulties in obtaining and maintaining an erection... also your orgasms just seem to have lost their intensity...
With this hormonal rush your sex-drive will become insatiable... so turned on
you will be that having sex 4 or 5 times a week... will be a piece of cake.
You want to experience mind-blowing, toe-curling orgasms!
There's a new age of prostate supplementation and with it comes more innovation than has ever been used in a prostate supplement... than ever before...
Power-Up is the world's first and only male potency accelerator...
that contains 7 all natural, scientifically tested, side effect free ingredients... to supercharge your prostate so you can enjoy a better sex life!

During ejaculation, your penis pumps semen... When you increase the amount of your ejaculate volume the pleasurable pump feeling lasts longer, therefore increasing your pleasure... It is known that extended ejaculate pumping results in intensified orgasmic pleasure... so that.. the sexual experience for both partners dramatically improves... also... your increased amount of semen means...
You can have multiple ejaculations within the same sex session and
experience a series of mind-blowing orgasms!
You want a supplement that works 24/7 so you never have to wait an hour for it to work ever again!
Forget about ever having to remember to take a pill and wait up-to an hour for it to take effect... she certainly won't...
Viagra, Levitra and Cialis take at least 30 minutes on an empty stomach or over an hour after eating to take effect...

With the once-a-day dose of Power-Up... after a couple of weeks you'll be good-to-go 24/7... when she is... .

That's because the incredible ingredients in Power-Up work every day to re-balance your hormonal system... by increasing your own natural production of testosterone... through decreasing your female erection killing hormone estrogen and increasing your sex-drive-inducing- Nero-hormone- dopamine... Also... Power-Up is #1 in its ability to soup-up your own nitric oxide... the main signaling molecule in your body... that relaxes your blood essels... allowing a greater flow of the erection producing blood-into your penis...
You'll be good to go anytime, anyplace and anyhow!
You want a supplement designed with state of the art, cutting edge technologies... to deliver results you can count on!
Key erection producing ingredients and state-of-the-art technologies make Power-Up a one of a kind sexual enhancement product! Power-Up contains key male enhancement nutrients shown to increase erection strength, and increase your sexual performance abilities! What's more... to accomplish this the researchers at Power-Up labs harnessed the science of two technologies: tri-phase filtration technology, designed to enhance the purity of the 24active nutrients and micro-fusion technology designed to enhance the effectiveness of Power-Up's critical erection producing/sex stimulating ingredients! By purifying and bonding them together... at a micro-cellular level... Power-Up's newly altered ingredients form a powerful erection-producing compound... so that you never have to worry about any sexual encounter ever again...
Which means you can relax and enjoy yourself with the peace of mind
knowing your performance will be satisfying for both of you!
You want an erection-producing supplement backed by real science... so that it is safe and effective to take!
The makers of Power-Up don't play around when it comes to developing sexual supplements. So a portion of every single dollar spent on our supplements goes back into supporting its research and development efforts...

which includes funding scientific research...

...reviewing third-party clinical trial studies...

and consulting with leading

University researchers...
also the scientists at Power-Up Labs understand that just like in cooking... the ingredients are available to everybody... it is the magic the master chef performs that whips up that award winning dish... at Power-Up Labs it is the science of purification and blending that gives Power-Up the punch the others with similar ingredients lack...
So you can have the confidence knowing Power-Up will perform and so will you!
You want a supplement designed with state of the art, cutting edge technologies... to deliver results you can count on!
Lets face it guys what good are drugs like Viagra, Levitra and Cialis that clearly state that if you have heart conditions, high blood pressure, Diabetes, enlarged prostate, liver or kidney problems that you need to take a reduced dose, that may not even be effective or no dose at all...
As reported as warnings by VIAGRA, LEVITRA and CIALIS

If you are older than age 65, or have serious liver heart or kidney problems, your doctor may start you at the lowest dose or advise not to take the drugs at all.

what you need is an all natural, side effect free supplement that is safe to take with any of these conditions... the fact of the matter is that Viagra, Levitra and Cialis blast your body with a potent and potentially lethal dose of erection producing chemicals... on the other hand Power-Up is made strictly from all natural plant extracts that work to rebuild your hormonal system safely and naturally overtime the way nature intended...
So you can regain the sexual performance you had... in your younger years!
You want a sexual enhancement product trusted by the pros.
Professional porn stars trust it for superior erection size and hardness gains plus the added bonus of increased sexual stamina....
And put an end to your age related erection problems that are ruining your
sex life and your relationship
You want a sex supplement responsible for real-life results and real transformations!
The exclusive scientifically engineered Power-Up formula is guaranteed to get you turned on, build huge-hard-erections and give you the sexual stamina of a super-stud!!! In a six-week study, test subjects taking the Power-Up formula improved their sexual performance dramatically... here are a few of their stories!!

Samuel Schlessenger age 72 retired...

"I'll admit when I signed up for this study I was a bit skeptical. 2 weeks went by and I barely noticed anything. Then around the end of the 3rd week I began to get harder a little faster and it stayed there a little longer. By the 5th week not only was I getting erect when I wanted to, it stayed up until I was finished. I was also thinking about having sex all the time. All I can say is that my wife said maybe I should think about going back to work. I guess I wore her out. This is one study I'm glad I joined."

Ben Bixby age 60 construction worker...

"As an overweight aging man I thought the better days of my sexual performance were behind me... but as soon as I started this study I noticed changes happening within the first two weeks... my interest in sex increased and my ability to get hard and stay hard greatly improved... also the added intensity of my orgasms came as a pleasant surprise... to sum it all up my sex life hasn't been this good since I was in my twenties!"

Gary Gustof age 52 lawyer...

"It's so strange but as soon as I entered my 50's I began to notice my sexual desire and ability to perform began to decline... I don't know if this is strictly psychological or physical due to age or both... maybe you find yourself physically declining so you mentally turn-off too... well what ever it is... it is... so when I was afforded the opportunity to join this study I jumped on it... and i'm sure glad I did... in less than a month I got a harder and subsequently bigger erection...and my ability to perform so greatly improved... my 28 year old girlfriend nicknamed me the Energizer bunny!"
So what are you waiting for? Isn't it time for you to try Power-Up so that you
can increase your sexual performance abilities and never feel
embarrassed or inadequate ever again?
You want a company Big enough to deliver yet Small enough to care!!
Power-Up is manufactured and distributed by Power-Up Labs, Inc... the #1 manufacturer of erection-producing results oriented supplements in America according to Playboy magazine. With state-of-the-art production facilities occupying over 50,000 square feet... Power-Up Labs researchers work diligently to bring you the most advanced formulas in the sexual science field... but what good would their formula be, without a cutting edge team... dedicated to delivering to you, the purest and mostperfectly compounded sexual supplement available... without a prescription!..
Now isn't it time to Power-Up with Power-Up!
With Power -Up you can do it!
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