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  • Guaranteeing more intense orgasms
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Discover photodynamic - a discovery that
Changed Modern Medicine

A discovery applauded by NASA

In 1991 Quantum Devices Inc. (QDI) began developing a project in partnership with NASA. The purpose of this project was to consider the growth of plants in space. To do this, they emitted a high intensity infrared light. The purpose of these waves was to increase the energy metabolism inside the cells causing the plants to grow through photosynthesis.

LED laser cures

Howerver, NASA wanted to go further: the idea being that the LED photodynamic therapy may be of interest in medical procedures which would aid in the process of healing and regeneration. Just as sunlight activates photosynthesis, photodynamic therapy activates the production of hemoglobin in the body causing the regenration of damaged cells and the renewal of old cells.

Our LED penis pump is approved by health authorities
and based solly on strictific research.
Its double action explains it efficiency

Our penis pump uses low-frequency laser diodes concentrated in a single wavelength of light. Scientific studies using wavelength-specific lasers have shown an increase in cell activity Viarect cream i s light sensitive and serves as a conductor between the penis and the activated diodes in the penis pump. Once you've applied the cream on your penis, the penis pump works in 2 stages:


The increased blood flow is absolutely crucial for bringing essential nutrients to the cells of the penis.


The increase of blood causes an elevated level of dynamic cellular activity that strengthens and stimulates the penis.
Photodynamic therapy uses laser energy as a stimuli. thanks to the soft light product by the LEDs. Our LED lights within the pump, enable the active ingredients in th eViarect cream.
LED waves penetrate the tissue and activate the erection cells.
The medical council is
composed of leading Urologist and recognized Experts in their fields.
Is my penis the right size? Do I satisfy my parner? The petients that we encounter on a daily basis in our respective fields say it themselves "you can never have too much of a good thing". Faced with these situations. we had to meet the growing demand of our patients who sacuffer from erectile disfunction and mpotence. We have worked closely with Photodynamic Labs in order to develop and effective gentile solution without any side effects.
Learn how to increase the size of your penis through the combined effects of our Viarect cream and the photodynamic LED pump...
93% OF USERS See a visible increase in the size of their penis within the first week Many products exist on the market that promise to improve our mandhood but they're typically ineffective and casuse you to waste your money without bringing you the satisfaction and desired effects you're looking for.

In addition to the testimonials from our satisfied customers, large scale clinical studies now bring you proof of the combined effectiveness of the Viarect cream and the photodynamic LED pump.
Data collected after months of tests performed on men aged 25 to 65 years show the following results:
  • Hard and long lasting erections,
  • Increased penile growth in both size and volume,
  • Increased sensitivity to the penis,
  • Controlled ejaculations
Users report that their penises become stronger and more vigorous. A hard and sustainable erection is one of the immediate benefits of using the Viarect cream and the photodynamic LED pump. The vast majority of users unanimously agree that the benefits of the Viarect cream and the photodynamic LED pump during this period, are not viceable in the increased size of their penises. The vast majority of users unanimously agree that the benefits of the Viarect cream and the photodynamic LED pump during this period, are not viceable in the increased size of their penises.
These men wished to be heard: the combined effect of
Viarect and photodynamic therapy has solved their problems and changed their sex lives!

Too Short of a penis

I will never forget that first time I took my penis ou in front of my super horny partner, she exclaimed, " is IT so small because you are so muscular?" After that it was impossible to get a hard erection.

After 2 minutes she asked me to stop because she felt nothing. This moment stayed in my mind for years. I was traumatized to the point that I was unable to have sex with any girl. Fortunately, I discovered Viarect cream and the photodynamic LED pump. They have changed my life. My penis now measures 5.5 inches long and 1.7 inches in diameter; a perfect size for great sex.

My penis was really too short!
A. D. 22 years old


I had many side effects due to my diabetes, but the worst was, undoubtedly, my impotence. My urologist prescribed Viarect cream and the photodynamic LED pump. This method seems to be perfect for my situation.

It's gentle and has no side effects. The result have exceeded my expectations! My wife and I are now kinkier than ever and I have regained my manhood.

F. J. 37 years old

Weak erection

My girlfriend likes me to have a very hard erection! And now I have the soluton: 5 minutes are enough to achive a rock solid and vigorous hard-on. Little did iI know there was another nice surprise in store - to the delight of my girlfriend, week after week my penis grew and grew!

S. G. 39 years old F. J. 37 years old
Do you sufer from erectile dysfunction
or do you just want to improve your performance?
Used in Europe for over 30 years, photodynamic therapy stimulates blood circulation and promotes regeneration and cell growth within the penis by combining an active erectile ingredient along with the light waves emited from the LEDs which target the skin.
In just 5 minutes a day you'll come
the stud you've always dreamed of being!
A Harder and more vigorous erection From the first application, our Viarect cream stimulates the penis and starts the erection process. The active ingredients immediately begin to stimulate the blood vessels in the penis creating a hard and throbbing erection.
Longer sex and the ability to do it again and again! When you apply the Viarect cream, the erection process becomes accelerated. Moreover, the quick effects of this cream let you have sex multiple times in a row while having up to 5 ejaculations. Al this with a thick and throbbing erection.
A more powerful ejaculation The active ingredients contained in Viarect penetrate through the skin of the penis right into the heart of the corpora cavernosa increasing the quality and quantity of your sperm and therefore creating a more powerful ejaculation.
A larger and thicker penis The combined effects of Viarect and photodynamic therapy causes an acceleration of blood flow to the penis leading to an increased volume and growth.
A longer and bigger penis The combined effects of Viarect and photodynamic therapy cause an increase in cellular activity within the penis which starts the growth and regeneration process: increasing the size of your penis.
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